This is a blog for Rob Kardashian. Please don't write me saying that this blog is useless because he doesn't dserve the attention. That's your opinion and I don't wanna hear it. This for everyone else who is crazy about this boy. He deserves more credit.

Why is Rob, in the Kardianshian family eyes not as successful.  His whole life, his sisters, and half sisters have had their mother cultivating their interest, knowledge and skills in all areas of beauty and women’s fashion.  Where was any cultivating for Rob? His father died and he never had any cultivating what was a “guys” interest as far as what would lead to a business like the girls have? What do the girls do? They stay pretty and sell pretty, which I find nothing wrong with being a woman myself. But How can you expect the sole guy in the family to be raised to be a successful guy when his yardstick is being measured the same way but with different cultivation?  This family needs to step outside the box, and realize that Rob is not a girl and doesn’t not fit into a “girl” businessplan that the entire Female student body of the Kardiashian family have followed.  This is not a post to criticize the family, but to send a wake up call to the family that not all members are alike, and that there needs to be some attention and direction to the only Son of the Clan in the way that feeds his soul! What feeds his soul may not be what feeds the souls of all the women in this family.  There is a reason Rob was born into your family; stop being so self-absorbed about your focus in life, and spread your wings to encompass other life focuses in being validated and loved for being different and MALE! I pray everyday that Mr. K is watching is only son and sending him love from above so he doesn’t feel like the black sheep of the family; there is no reason for all the criticizing and such; it just appalls me to see that sort of thing on the air for the whole world to see! Spread the love, acceptance, encouragement, and support to all family members alike! Bless you all, and karma is a bitch, so make some new karma to replace the old!

hos-over-bros said: OMG! Now I dont know who I love more.. you or Rob! haha. Thanks for making this blog, my life is now complete :)

Aww :) Thank youuu!

Anonymous said: lol i saw one episode from keeping up with the kardashians and im glad i did cuz now i dont feel bad about sleeping with my teddy bear at age of 20 lol ... and your really cutee just sayin =]

I love when people actually think I am Rob.

lethelightshineonme-deactivated said: OMG you're so followed ! I love Robert ! <3

:)!!! THANK YOU.

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